Friday, February 5, 2010

I am luna

Merry meet & welcome to you all. A coven is new for me as I was a solitary, but now, happily I have a coven home. I am a part of the new virtual coven. I already feel like we are a "group."
I am a 56 year old crone & the mother of three sons 26, 25 & 22. I have been married for 29 years to the best man in the world. I live in Lynchburg, Virginia (home of Jerry Falwell's empire) and have been a serious Wiccan for two+ years & studied it off & on all my life. Oddly enough, it was a book, Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling that caused my final conversion to a polytheistic, Wiccan life. One of the main characters in the book is a witch named Juniper MacKenzie. She is the High Priestess of her coven & her character is so warm, wonderful & thoughtful that as I read the book, I thought, "I want to be like Juniper." Yes, a fictional character is my role model.
I am not completely out of the broom closet either. I haven't said to any friend or family member, "Hey ya'll! I am a witch." I think they all know I am not an Episcopalian anymore, though. Wicca is so much harder than being a Christian. I NEVER spent as much time & energy on religion as I do now. There isn't an hour that goes by that I am not thinking about my religion & what it means to me. Isn't that odd? I am like a rabid, right-wing witch. Dang! I've lived in Lynchburg too long & the Baptist Church mentality has rubbed off onto me.
Love from luna


Mother's Moon's Message said...

you are too funny... yet makes perfect sense... I am eager to see where this leads...

Sparrow said...

Definitely makes sense. It is more than just a religion, it is a completely different lifestyle. You see, hear and treat people differently than you did before. It is a truly beautiful and eye-opening experience to witness the Divinity within yourself and in other people.

Bridgett said...

It's true...I spend so much more time on this spiritual path than I ever did as a Methodist. Then again, when you find your spiritual home, you WANT to participate more.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, guys. My laptop is on the fritz (should be fixed in the next few days)...and I'm currently using my 7 year old's laptop. He's in bed, or I'm not sure he'd share. ;)

Blessed be!

Dessa said...

Hello Luna, very nice to "meet" you.

S.M. Stirling said...

Glad the book did things for you!

Steve Stirling


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