Friday, March 12, 2010

Blossom by Blossom Spring Begins

The warmer temperatures… the longer days… the appearance of flowers budding out in all directions… All are signs of the coming of spring and the wonder of rebirth that it brings. Ostara is close at hand.

Flowers, and newly sprouted plants can be found everywhere as if  decorating for the coming celebration. Eggs which symbolize the new life or rebirth of spring also are present. They can be found brightly decorated in a multitude of colors or hollowed out and filled with lavender or sage. Legend has it that the importance of the egg came from a rabbit who wished to please Eostre – the German goddess of spring and the dawn. Gathering brightly colored eggs, he then gave them to her as a means of honoring her.  Although I have to admit I love the art of coloring eggs (and yes it can be an art), with my grandkids so far away I tend to enjoy the chocolate eggs a bit more these days.  Give me a chocolate covered marshmellow eggs anyday...

Often at this time honey cakes are prepared. Not only for the festivities but also as a gift left for the faeries. Faeries love sweets and none are better than those prepared with honey. Faeries are quite active at this time. They are known to come and collect a portion of the feast that has been prepared in celebration. If they are not allowed to partake or are not left their fair portion, it is said that they will cause trouble until the Summer Solstice when they will once more return and at this time expect double portions to make amends for what was not given to them before.

Other foods and herbs associated with the Spring Equinox are Crocus, Dogwood, Leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, rose, rose, olive and strawberries.


Lynelle said...

I must remember to leave an offering for the faeries this year. I've never made honey cakes before, does anyone have a recipe they could share?

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I have a yummy recipe I found in an old celtic cookbook. I use it all the time.. It leaves the tops nice and crunchy.... so good... will send it to you

Bridgett said...

Janie....would you mind sending me the honey cakes recipe too?



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