Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Small & Painless Ostara Ritual

Merry meet, ya'll!
Ostara is the time of new beginnings  as the goddess is reunited with her lover/son/consort after having been separated from him/them by death. This is also the time when the goddess becomes pregnant. I am wrong. Apparently she gets pregnant on May 1st, Beltane. Oops! What is especially interesting to me is that she does not marry the god until Litha making her a single mother for a while. She eventually has the baby god at Yule &amp. As the year progresses she is ultimately alone again & still pregnant, as the god departs to be Lord of the Wild Hunt. Just as the goddess knows the god will return to her,  we are assured that spring follows winter.I thought I would make this a short ritual because this seems to be one of the least favorite holidays in the Pagan year. It is not one of my favorites either.

 We will do this ritual together at 9:30 EST. Share the love all around, heart to heart, sister to sister, oh & brothers, too.
If the goddess Eostre is special to you then this can be dedicated to her & a special god otherwise this will be a ritual dedicated to the arrival of Spring & the lord & the lady.
You will need:
  Two pastel candles, any colors will do, one for the lord & one for the lady
  Incense burner, charcoal disk & some copal resin or any sweet, fresh smelling incense 
  An eggy type food like custard, hard boiled egg or similar. Eggnog would be fine, too.
  A drink of some kind: bubbly is nice:champagne or water-festive & light
Light your candle & welcome your deities and/or the lord & the lady
Light your incense &cast a circle, spreading the scent around. In your mind visulaize how happy the goddess is to see the god after their separation. Imagine them running togather, holding hands, laughing & kissing, bare grass under their feet. They are SO GLAD to see each other again. They sit together quietly talking & smiling. gazing up at one another. They are very in love & always have been.
You say: Love is in the air. Spring is upon us. Hearts are free from winters chill just as the frosty ground now warms to the touch of the sun. As the wheel turns, I leave the past behind & move towards the future. I will leave past slights, past troubles, past hurts behind me & & go forward  & bloom in love & warmth as the goddess & the god bloom in their love.
Take your dish of food & your glass of drink & offer it to the lord & lady.
You say: Join in this festive evening celebrating the gods return to the goddess & the renewal of their eternal love.
Now you eat a bit & drink a sip.
You say: I am warmed & energized by love's abiding spirit. By loving each other we honor the god & the goddess & their love for one another & their love for the world. I will try to keep love in my heart all the year long (my apologies to Charles Dickens & Ebeneezer Scrooge). I will try to remember that the past always departs and that a new day always follows. Winter's end is spring's beginning. I will plant the kinds of seeds that will produce the fruits of love. Blessed Be.
Farewell the god & goddess, extinguish your candles & then take a moment to reflect on the kinds of  "seeds" you will plant in your life starting this new spring, starting right now..

As I wrote this I thought,"Ostara is really a great holiday. I don't mind it so much after all."  I am glad I wrote the ritual. It helps me when I do things I do not want to do & I discovered & learned a few things, too.
 Have a blessed Ostara & keep love in your heart all the year long.
Merry part & merry meet again.


Catpriestess said...

Beautiful ritual, Luna Petunia. As I'll be performing the ritual, sending love to you and all our sisters everywhere!

The Wizardess epi said...

Hello to all the eWitchens: I have given you an award. Now I want to see you fight over it. :)

Lynelle said...

Luna, not only was it painless, it filled me with so much joy to perform it. I felt very at one with the energies of the world, not a feeling I get to indulge in often. Thank you!

Bridgett said...

This is a beautiful ritual, Luna! I'm so sad I'm only just now finding it. :(


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