Friday, April 9, 2010

Gardening when you do not have a green thumb. And where you live with endless gnats that dive bomb into your nose & ears.

Gardening is this week's thread & it is a good one. I have four raised beds  in the only place in our backyard  that gets sunshine. One bed has it's potting mixture & the other three remain empty. I need more compost, ours is not ready so we will have to buy more. I do not really like to garden, at least not here in Lynchburg. We are the "Gnat Capital of The World" & they are horrid. We also have mosquitoes but the gnats are the bigger problem. Well, actually the really big problem is deer. We have a huge population of city dwelling deer. Lynchburg has a lot of green space. Our backyards all flow into a wooded area & all of the more distant neighbors have woods, too. We also have creeks & springs in the Burg. And we are in the city.
What I really like to do is can & pickle. I love my pressure cooker. I get a thrill just looking in my pantry knowing that if the world comes to an end, I can feed us for a while, even without electricity. I also make our bread, mustard, ketchup & frequently mayonnaise.

That all said, I feel like I have to try to grow vegetables so that I can "put them up."  I am going to send Barry out for compost & he can mix it with the vermiculite & peat moss & get it all in the beds. Then I will seed. It may be too late for some things. I may have to buy plants. Rats. At any rate, I will get something in the ground soon & go weed, too. 


JJ Beazley said...

Ants are the biggest problem where I live. Gardening in the summer means a guarantee of getting bitten. One thing helps, though - rubbing white spirit onto my shoes. They don't like it.

Lynelle said...

Luna, I love how you've adapted to these issues. This summer, lets do a week where we share what we do with our 'put up' harvest - I'd love to see what you do.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

my first place was somewhat like yours... I am so glad to be where I am now.. I have plans to put up some homemade salsa this summer. Even if I have to get the tomatoes from the farmers market.


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