Thursday, May 13, 2010

Luna's Book of Shadows

I made my own BOS several years ago. I used some pretty royal blue leather that I had from the miniature bookbinding that I do. The window on the front has a pane of mica that covers the German gold paper moons. It has a leather band for a hasp but the "lock" is just a feather. As much effort as went into this book I rarely use it now. It is bulky & doesn't stay open easily. Now, my main BOS is a recipe box that is full of the details  of my oils & incenses. My sketchbooks are my backup BOS'. I make copious notes & sketches about the things I make & the magic that I do. I have a separate journal for my Tarot card readings & I use the Llewellyn Witches' Date Book for my day to day journal. I know from a hand-learned lesson that I HAVE to write ingredients & amounts down. I cannot remember whether I used 1/8th teaspon of rose otto or 8 tablespoons of rose water. I must write all the details down. Plus, if you write down how you cast a spell you can recreate it or tweak it as needs be.

My plan is to make another leather BOS that is easier to use. I want to model it after the book from the movie "Practical Magic." The Aunt's BOS had two sections & was two books in one, with double spines. Quite frankly, a computer or a 3-ring binder is more practical for witches these days. But still, I like having something pretty that can be passed on.
See how the book is divided? The smaller section was the "Dark Magic" portion & you have to turn the book around to open it & to have it right side up. I want this so badly! One of these days, when I have a few extra days in my life I will start it. I have the paper already. I only use 100%cotton rag for hand bound books. I also have some gorgeous black cotton rag paper that I lugged home from London last year. I don't have the leather yet but I keep my eye out for the perfect piece & color. 
For now I make vintage style pages for BOS. I love to write spells & then after I have the spell, I design a page to go with it. I am also a font ho & like to buy vintage fonts that have been pulled from original, hand written documents & letters.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the idea of the lock on your blue BOS being a feather!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

P.S. Did you know that Jaz of October Farm ( owns the original "Practical Magic" BOS from the movie? She bought it at an auction of the movie's props, I believe. Anyway, check out her Aug 13/09 post about it -- just click on "Practical Magic" in her sidebar Topics List. It's the 3rd entry in the series that will pop up.

City Wiccan said...

Really like that blue BOS! Too bad it doesn't close properly. The design on the front is really pretty!

luna petunia said...

Hey Debra, Yes, I do know that Jaz has the BOS from Practical Magic. There is a website site has a lot of shots of the book, too. I have been able to recreate some of them.
BTW-City Wiccan, the clasp works fine, I just choose to use a feather through the hasp. I put a big ole spell to keep unauthorized people from peeking!

Rue said...

Love your BOS!

I crave the PM book too - I don't know why a design company hasn't made one yet - I'll bed they'd sell out!

Lynelle said...

Luna, I love your book - the fact that you made it yourself makes it so much more powerful!

And I know what you mean about practicality versus the witches desire for what is handheld, old fashioned and beautiful. Organization always seems less desirable to me than an emotional connection to the book.

kaye said...

I love how it looks.


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