Friday, June 4, 2010

The Joy of Familiars


A familiar, what exactly are they? I thought that I had a fairly good idea yet wanted to double check to make sure. In researching the many definitions of the word I came to the conclusion that it sort of depends on what your belief system is. More precise, what your religion preference may be.

I had always considered a familiar to be an animal that was ones companion. When I say companion I mean much like a friend. They listen, seem to understand one’s moods, and even at times seem to communicate in their own special way. Not all animals are familiars. And I tend to believe that some who are familiars are not realized by the people who tend them. I have been around many a pet who seems to have a watchful eye over their master yet their master is oblivious to this.

What a treat these people are missing. Animals can be some of the best friends a person could ever have. From the loyalty of a dog to the in your face truth of a cat, they see so much more than many humans give them credit for. In my life, my companions or familiars have mostly been cats. And in the lore of familiars it is the most common; the black cat being of course the most common. The fear once that all cats were actually witches was one of the main reasons for the cat massacres that happened during medieval time in Europe.

Although the Christian view of a familiar is one of demonic leadership and one that is ultimately fueled by Satan, I myself tend to think differently. I believe they are animals who possess a special psychic attunement which give them the ability to interact more closely with people who are willing to be open minded enough to listen. Although the communication that one may share with an animal whom they believe to be a familiar is quite different than most are used to, if one is attentive they will easily be able to see it.

Such wisdom is there for us to learn from animals. We boost as humans that we are the only ones with working minds that can reason and make decisions. Yet we continually make the same mistakes over and over. We fill our lives and minds with mundane worthless stuff which many times keep us from seeing the simple morsels of truth that lie in front of us every day. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing the delight of a familiar I urge you to give it a try.


mxtodis123 said...

Beautiful post. My cat and I are such good friends. We've literally grown old together. She really is my best friend and I feel blessed that she has been part of my life for so long. It will be 18 years next month.

City Wiccan said...

Great post! I often wonder about psychic abilities in cats. . . and yes, some are familiars and some aren't. I have two cats . . . one is a "cat", the other is my familiar. She knows what i'm thinking.

JJ Beazley said...

A little sideline on this. I seem to be becoming attuned to both the birds and rats that frequent my garden (they're country rats, not sewer dwellers.) My friendly robin came and sat a few inches away from me on my garden table at liunchtime. He wasn't interested in food, he just came and looked at me for a while. And I have a rat who seems to think she's a dog. She follows me around sometimes.

But here's what's interesting. Ever since I started making these connections with birds and rodents, cats don't want to know me. There are lots around where I live, and they all regard me with suspicion and scarper if I go near them. Maybe they see me as being in tune with 'the other side' now.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jimbo's white cravate is most elegant!


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