Friday, July 30, 2010

The Element of Fire

How many times have you stared into a fire and lost yourself. Watching the flames dance and intermingle with itself as if it were alive and in some way trying to speak to you. What would it say? What would it try to communicate? The element of fire has both a creative and a destructive side. It is used to warm our homes, cook our food, and give us light in the darkness. Yet it can also be all consuming and destructive.

Unlike the other three elements, fire does not exist in a natural state. It can only come to physical form by consuming some other element. It converts the energy of other objects into other forms whether it is heat, light, ash or smoke. In order to benefit from the energy that is brought forth through fire, one must control Fire’s destructive nature. When a candle is lit we are not only calling upon the energy of fire but we are also limiting fire’s power.

Fire is masculine. Its qualities are change, passion, creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality. Fire exhibits sexuality both physical and spiritual. It is often used in spells, rituals and candle magick for the purpose of healing, purification, sex, breaking bad habits, or destroying illness. Fire exhibits authority and leadership.

Man has been fascinated with fire since the first time they gazed upon it. With its possession and ability to control it gave them great advantage over the animals and such. It enabled them to cook, to have light in the night, to forge metal, and eventually to build a civilization. It has the gentle warmth and soft light of a fire contained and controlled yet it can also be the vicious eruption of a volcano. Although it is the strongest and most powerful of the elements it is also the one with the least endurance.

Whether it is in its physical form or its spiritual form fire can be a dangerous thing. Fire physically will overdo its job if there is not some limit put on it. According to the elves and their myths in regards to the element of fire, it is in its nature to try and overcome its boundaries, even its earthen boundaries. They believe that this is why fire spreads whenever it can and tries to consume everything in its rebellion to exceed its boundaries.

In regards to spiritual fire, we speak of strong emotion; emotions such as hatred and anger yet also of love and happiness. Fire is what burns in ones soul moving them to fight for the causes and ideals that they believe in. Fire represents a dream or desire or belief. It represents not only ones commitment for this dream but also the realization of it eventually coming to fruition. Much like the physical form of fire, if one has a spiritual fire burning within them, they will strive towards said goal until they have consumed and conquered it or they are burned down or destroyed in the process. Although this sounds as if one would be talking about an aggressive act to explain something that would move one to take such strong measures, the inspiration of love, or compassion could also fuel such a flame.

Fire should always be treated with respect and also an acknowledgement of its capabilities and its desire to break free of its “boundaries”. It is by far the element that will try and convince you that more is ok when in truth, it could eventually burn you alive.

Fire Attributes:

Direction: South – the place of heat

Type of Energy – Projective

Basic Nature – Purifying, destructive, cleansing, sexual, force

Color – Red

Correspondance In Tarot – The Suit of Wands

Fire Signs per zodiac - Aries, Leo And Sagittarius

Gods – Agni, Hepaetus, Vulcan

Goddess – Brigit, Peleand Vesta


Wendy said...

Love how you addressed the physical, spiritual and metaphorical images of fire, great points about fire being used for heat and passion and can burn us up as well. And you always pick such dynamic, gorgeous pictures to emphasize your blog posts. Another great post, Mother Moon!


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