Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Elusive Element Air

Merry Meet! I’m MoonStorm, blog author of Witchy Mama and I have been asked to write up a guest post on working with the Element Air; which is perfect because I am a Libra and an Air sign.

I actually work with Air on a daily basis—in fact, we all do. Communication, connecting with each other, thought processes, going with your ‘gut instinct’ all those things are drawn from the Element of Air. Air represents truth, intellect and great wisdom.

On a more fundamental level, Air represents the season of Spring, it represents the Dawn time of day, the direction of East, the Archangel Raphael, the Astrological signs Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, and the color most often associated with Air is yellow.

Air, in my opinion, is the most elusive of all the elements because it is uncontainable, unseen, and extremely changeable. When I have difficulty making a decision, which seems to happen a lot as a Libra, lol, I focus on Air. Air helps me in making decisions and developing a good solid plan.

To work with any Element on various levels you must first be attuned to the particular Element you want to focus on. Air is so easy to connect with! I open my windows (weather permitting!) and burn some incense to get Air flowing around me. I’ve been known to play music and dance around like a nut—a wonderful freeing Air activity. My favorite way to connect with Air though is to just sit quietly outside and feel the wind on my face, feeling the Goddess touching my cheek. It is calming and certainly makes me feel grounded.

How do you connect with Air?


Leathra said...

Hail Fellow Libran! ^_^
Yes, we do tend to have trouble making decisions don't we? Typical of Libra; we see all the pros and cons of every situation and can't choose one over the other.

Oddly I usually associate Spring with Water, Fall with Air. Maybe it was just the way I first learned it, but to me it also seems appropriate: the spring is full of showers and is a very wet time, and while Fall can have showers I more think of the wind blowing the fallen leaves all around.

Thank you for the post!

~Witchy Mama~ said...

Hi there!

I can never make a decision. I always feel 'torn' and I hate it! I need to learn to take more control over this aspect!

I can certainly see how Water can be associated with Spring, that makes total sense!

Wendy said...

And yet another Libran here...I'm always moving my thoughts really fast so I can relate to the feeling of air and new beginnings. And I totally get how water is also connected to the East. It's wonderful the little ways we connect with air that you brought Witch Mama, thank you!

Not Hannah said...

I'm a Gemini, so I should be more attuned, but I have a huge fear of tornadoes and wind, so I've always had a very uncomfortable relationship with Air. I know I need to work on this, but I've always sort of been at a loss.


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