Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Fluid Water Element

Merry meet everyone!  I’m Lyn and usually blogging over at Witch Blog but I'm honoured to be here to write about the element of water.
Water is the element which governs our emotions, our feelings, our moods.  It’s ever changing, often unpredictable but necessary to life. On a physical level we can survive only a matter of days without water.  We also curl up and die on the inside if our emotions are not nurtured.  

From a magickal perspective these are the things you need to know about water:
  • Direction is West
  • Gender is Feminine
  • Season is Autumn
  • Colour is Blue
  • Elemental Spirit is the Undine
  • Astrological Signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
As a Pisces I constantly battle with the highs and lows of the water element.  When life is flowing smoothly I’m in a state of bliss but if my emotions are stirred I can react with the force of a tidal wave or sink to the depths of the ocean in a depression.  Usually the cure for these extremes is more water!  A walk by the sea or a long shower helps me regain my balance and see the world from  a more level headed perspective.
So how can you bring water rituals into your daily life? It’s not hard to do and I bet you’ve already adopted some water rituals without realising it!  Showers and baths serve as ways of washing ourselves clean on a symbolic as well as physical level.  Saying a blessing over a glass of water before drinking it is another great way of working with the water element.  And don’t forget the toilet!  If you’ve got something bothering you write it down on some loo paper and flush your worries away!
Do you feel a connection or perhaps you find it hard to understand? I’d love to hear about how you work with the water element in your life. 


Wendy said...

Love how you brought up the different associations with the water and I understand with you being a pisces having to flow upstream and how difficult that can be. Thanks for a great post, Lyn! Honored to have you be a guest blogger.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hail, Mermaid Goddess! I dated a Pisces once -- water, water everywhere!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

interesting points... ones that I am all too familiar with being a Scorpio.... thanks so much Lyn for sharing with us.

Moonwillow said...

Being a Scorpio, I am always dealing with the waves of my emotions. As a child, at the beach, I would spend all day in the water. Now that I'm an adult, I seek refuge at the beach. I love listening to the crash of the surf and watching the motion of the waves. I have not thought to seek out the water to calm the turbulant waters. I will definitely try it. Being a water sign can be draining at times.

Gattina said...

Never thought about it. I use water for washing, drinking and swimming. that's it :)


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