Saturday, July 17, 2010

Framed by the Undead

Cemeteries, spirits of the other-realms, "Persephone and Hades", "Six Feet Under", Dia de los Muertos, o.k., quick what do they all have in common? Uhhh, perhaps Death and the Dead? I have always had a fascination which some would consider "morbid" for death and the dead. Most people unfortunately want to look away or are horrified by Death, but I feel that's only because they've never seen the beauty or deep spirituality that exists with death. It's interesting to me how many shows there are now about "Ghosts, the Paranormal, and worlds beyond the living" so maybe we're finally seeing the light in the darkness. I've been interested for the longest time in becoming a "mid-wife" for the dying. There needs to be an honor, grace and acknowledgment that death and dying that is neglected in the mainstream culture that is crucial for everyone's spiritual well-being. There are spiritual paths and other cultures which do honor and acknowledge the process of dying and the spirits.

"The Day of the Dead" or originally known as "Dia de los Muertos"  is a holiday celebrated  in the Latin American countries and by the Latin Americans who live here in the states to celebrate the ancestors. It's not the same as Halloween/Samhain, but they share many similarities. The art that stems from Dia de los Muertos is some of the most beautiful, whimsical, and amazing art I've ever seen. I'm fortunate enough to collect a few pieces both modern and vintage Day of the Dead Art. Skeletons, animals, charms, and other symbols which are more alive compared to some art I find simply boring or stereotypical. So, when I found out about the blog "Tattoo Tales...ramblings and art by Leila" I jammed over there quickly. I was salivating when I saw her art at her Etsy store and then found out about her July  give-away on her blog. Some lucky person is going to own this beautiful, vintage, wood-burned picture frame.

So, I highly recommend you hurrying over either to her Etsy store, her blog, her Facebook Page or better yet all three to check Leila and her art out. If you love this type of art like I do or are interested in learning more, go, go, go before July is over and some other undead lover has won this beauty.


Illustrated Ink said...

Thank you so much for this lovely post!! It's always refreshing to meet another that feels as I do, death is simply a natural part of life. Something to be honored, not to be feared. I greatly appreciate your compliment to my art and purchase from my Etsy shop! I hope you'll enjoy your skeleton kitty!
Best Wishes, Leila

Lyn said...

I feel exactly the same way, Wendy. I've always found a fascination with death and the transition. I suppose it's the ultimate mystery for me to figure out (one I'm guaranteed to find an answer for... hopefully not too soon though).

One of my most favourite places to visit are cemeteries. To me they are full of beauty and life. I leave there feeling recharged and appreciative. I also have a blast with my camera because not many people ever visit so wildlife does!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I have several pieces of Leila's art... I simply love it... I second the comment on traveling over to her site.


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