Monday, August 16, 2010

Change Your Life, One Word at a Time

What are you doing to change your life this November?

Four years ago, I would have just had a dumb stare if someone had asked me that question. Now I know that there is a massive writing competition that can "literally" change your life in just 4 weeks - National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Just like those Army commercials, at the end of the month you are a lean, mean, writing machine. Most importantly you have done something for yourself - you are a novelist.

So any of you who have been putting off that novel until you are wiser or "have more time", this is your chance! Take the plunge and sign up for National Novel Writing Month.

Throughout the month of October, we will be preparing for this event at the Pagan NaNoWriMo-er's Ning.  Learn more about characterization, plotting, and setting.  We will be sharing tips for getting you out of the way of your writing and making the most of your time.  Chat with other budding novelists as well as the ole' pros.  We want to help you meet your goal!

p.s. - Your Muse will love you and your Inner Critic will be angry about the sock in his mouth


Lyn said...

This is one of those things I think about doing each year and then come up with loads of excuses (mainly to do with no time lol). I'd like to think it will be different this year but we'll see!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

hard to believe it is already that time again...

Sparrow said...

I hope you will join us this year Lyn. I speak from experience when I say that it is truly life changing.

Sparrow said...

Still have some time to go for this year Mother Moon, but what can I say? I'm a NaNo junkie LOL

Self Sagacity said...

This is interesting info, I will pass it along to the writers I know.


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