Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Excerpt: Taking 1960 by Rosa Sophia

Taking 1960
By Rosa Sophia
Published by Dreamz-Work Productions
Release Date: Friday, August 13th

When Katherine walks into the hallway, it’s always empty.  That’s when she first puts her foot onto the dusty wooden floors.  She sets her eyes on the sun-spotted walls, then the wide old windows with their gossamer curtains.  The vision gives her a moment to collect herself, to stare in puzzlement at her surroundings.  Once she’s become somewhat comfortable in this hallway of what can only be an old farmhouse, she hears footsteps.

The woman comes up the stairway opposite her with both purpose and reluctance evident in her expression.  She always wears the same drab outfit. Her hair is done up in the style of a day long gone and her arms are muscled from various chores around the homestead.

At this point, she always starts to yell.  The thing is, the spectator can’t hear what she’s saying.  The strange woman’s mouth moves soundlessly and the watcher wonders, each time, if she’s yelling at her.  After a few moments, she knows that she is not the subject of this woman’s fury.  The dreamer tries to turn and find the culprit, but she never can.

With the sunlight dancing against the paintings on the far side of the hallway and on the chiseled features of the subject of the dream, the spectator sees how beautiful this woman is.  Is she in her late twenties or early thirties?

Katherine has had this dream so many times that she has gotten used to its oddities.  She waits for the woman to finish yelling, then watches as she rips away the wedding band on her finger, throwing it angrily to the ground.  The woman is on the verge of tears now and Katherine wants to embrace her, tell her that everything’s all right.  For some reason, she feels as though she knows her, but Katherine has never seen this woman before.

The vision makes her body heavy and she can’t move.  Before she can utter words of reassurance, the woman turns and stalks back down the stairs.  That’s when Katherine feels herself begin to wake up.

And when she drags herself out of that deep slumber, she whispers to herself, the same words, each time:

“Something horrible has happened…”



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