Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Question about Psychic Gifts

As we draw closer to Samhain (and not wanting to gloss over Maybon, but I will come back to that on a different post) I have been wondering about my own psychic gifts & if I really have them. I have weird one concerning parking spaces & bar stools. When I need one, a spot opens up. A close-in parking space in a jam packed lot, or someone pulls out just when I need a space. Sometimes three barstools on a corner which is the best because then 3 people can chat, nearly face to face just like at a table but almost always, just when we need a place to sit while we wait for a table to be ready so that we can eat, someone will pay their bar bill & I will get their stool.  My sister Lee calls it "Marion's Parking Space JuJu." It happens so regularly now that I  actually believe in it & see it as a thing that I unknowingly attract. And that is my question. HOW do we tap into those gifts? Is there a way to get to them with purpose rather than waiting for them to happen?

The other day I was thinking about a casual friend of mine from the time when I lived in Winston-Salem. A woman I never correspond with & have not seen in 20 years. We were two of a dozen, glazed, Krispy Kreme donuts dancing to,"Hungry Eyes" in a musical that the Junior League  put on. I guess that would bind a person, wouldn't it? Anyway, two days later, I got an email from my friend. She had found me on facebook.  So, I know that somewhere out there, cosmic forces are at work, but HOW do I get to them?
I would love to hear how other people use their gifts. How they tap into them, is there a way to control them or strengthen them? How about it fellow bloggers?


Mother's Moon's Message said...

Good point Luna... I believe that we all have a certain amount of ability some just have accepted and grown more in their talents.

That being said... I can say that once I accepted and embraced the gifts that I seem to have they manifested themselves more in me. I no longer try and write them off as nonsennse or coincidence but rather examine them closer. It has helped tremendously in regards to helping them to grow.

I love your pictures Luna, and am so curious as to if they are yours or if you found them somewhere. Photography and the images that can occur in them is something I truly love.

Leathra said...

My own 'it just happens' juju is with the weather. More often than not if its storming outside and I have to go out it will suddenly slacken to a light drizzle if anything, then pick back up again as soon as I'm back inside. I've literally had it where the rain stopped just as I was about to walk to the car, started again as soon as I got in the car, and repeated the whole thing once I got to the store.

I attribute this mainly to my having started out practicing with weather magick. Its not something I do consciously anymore as I find that it tends to screw with the weather (make a picnic day bright and sunny, then there are super dangerous storms that appear out of nowhere to balance it.). This subconscious bit however doesn't seem to have such repercussions, so I'm happy to have it.

Sydnii said...

I have no gifts like yours, at least not that I've noticed. Mine come in the form of premonition/dreaming True. But that happens only rarely, and I never remember the dream until I am living it.

City Wiccan said...

I'm an empath . . . so I pick up people's emotions. Sometimes its hard to tell if I'm feeling something or if someone else is. It took me a long time to figure this out . . . I thought I was just moody and weird :)
Also, things come to me in dreams. My dreams give me messages but they come in symbols. I usually have to spend a bit of time decoding them.

luna petunia said...

Gosh, thanks for sharing. When I first became a witch someone of long standing witchiness asked me if I noticed any gifts from the goddess & I had no idea what she was talking about but now,, I understand. The goddess gives as we are ready to receive and handle! And it is sometimes hard to "believe" that is is a gift & not just happenstance.

Moonwillow said...

My psychic ability for the most part is totally random. A couple of weeks ago I was leaving for a trip and while I was in the shower I received a very clear message in my mind to check the oil level of my car. Sure enough, it was bone dry. Another time I was walking across my living room to throw my coffee cup away and suddenly I had an image of me dropping it. Seconds later I did just that. I like to write my experiences down in a journal. Staying in touch with my spirituality through rituals at the alter also seems to heighten my exposure to mystical happenings.

kaye said...

The pictures looks a lil bit creepy.


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