Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amas Veritas-Gillian Style

Gillian: Hello, Sister-Witches, with my sister Sally here in tow for good luck, I'm going to tell you about the latest spell I cast for love and passion...I know that my sister is happily married (BORING!) but hey, she's happy and so are my nieces and that's what counts. But for me,  I'm still single and I have to first make sure he pleases me where it matters most, so...

Sally: Wait a minute Gilly, you cast around last time for passion and look who that landed you with..A certain Cowboy Vampire that thank the Goddess is banished from our lives so be careful what you wish for this time...

Gilly: I know, I know! Everyone knows about my past, let's not go there sister-dearest. Can I please tell everyone about how to start? (Sally nods with her head to go on.) Well, I love to work with tarot cards which I learned from our aunts who in my opinion are the Queens of Magick. I first bathe myself in pure rose oil from Bulgaria on a Friday night with full and beautiful moon. You see, Friday was originally dedicated to the goddess, Freyja and so naturally I want to beckon and bedazzle men with her beauty.

Sally: Uh, back to Bulgaria? Wasn't "he" from Bulgaria? Why don't you just be practical and use roses from the garden? 

Gilly: Because YOU'RE the practical one and sometimes you need more than just "practical" when it comes to love! (Sally shakes her head in exasperation and sighs.) O.k. I choose four tarot cards and lay them on my altar. I have special candles that usually Sally or the Aunts have made ( I have no patience for stuff like that) thatI've anointed them with jasmine oil to give that extra sparkle...The first card I choose (and I do mean choose and not leave to fate, I want to know what I'm getting into) is the past and the lessons I've learned and what I want to let go of.

Sally: Amen to that!

Gillian: Thank you Sally, will you please not interrupt me anymore? Otherwise everyone will think that you're being incredibly bossy (which you are) and make me look like I don't know what I'm doing, but I do! And this is MY spell after all...So, as you all know, I haven't had the best of luck with men. I want to leave all that ugly heart-wrenching stuff behind me. So, that's my first card. Remember of course, you have to pick what best represents your past and the lessons you've learned, which hopefully aren't the same as mine. Then I lay the second card left of my past card, which shows who and where I am now in my life. I choose the "High Priestess" card as you can see, because I finally feel that I've come into my full power with my magick and wisdom.

Sally rolls her eyes.

Gillian: Don't think I didn't see that Sally! Then I choose my immediate future that I want to see manifested..(don't you just love that word? I choose a card that represents the type of man I want. Someone, who can buy me pretty things, is king of his own realm and someone I can go to when the storms outside erupt and will gently hold me in his arms. Yeah, Sally, I knew that last part would make you smile...So, I choose the King of Pentacles. I used to go for the Knight or King of Wands, since I liked his fire so much, but as I've said, I've matured...Besides those men were always broke and forget that!

 And then finally I choose the last card which represents our future together...I don't want to rush and get the ball and chain yet, like SOME people...So, I choose the Lovers card...You lay each card to the left of the following one.  So, this is my last card...

Sally: GILLIAN! NOT the best "Lovers" card for you!

Gillian: I'm only teasing, Sally, actually that's the card I chose before I met..."him." So, this is the card I choose now. It doesn't have the Disney type ending, but to me and for you sister-witches, you need to choose a card that represents the kind of love that you want...And so this is my final card.

I then leave the cards on my altar and light the candles for a full moon cycle or two if the Goddess is being fickle and then I let my dreams drift off into the air and know that when the time is right, (although I'd rather it be now than later) I'll meet my King. Oh and I take my cards off my altar when I'm done and with the candle wax remains, I go to the ocean and throw them into the sea because I've been taught that water represents emotion and love. As your wishes move with the tides, so your love comes closer to you...

Sally: Are you going to tell them, not to perform this during a Mercury Retrograde or the whole spell can go completely backwards? Remember you performed this last during a retrograde and look who you ended up with!

Gillian: I KNOW Sally, I know, but thank you for mentioning that to everyone so they don't have a disastrous love affair (even though he was SO dreamy at the beginning). 
 And there you have it sister-witches a love spell Gillian style! Please do let us know what happens with you. We both are here if you have any questions or if you have any spells that have worked for you, I know I'd love to hear them!

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Lyn said...

I love this post, Wendy! Great card choices for some Tarot magick too :-)

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Magical post, thank you for sharing Wendy :0)
love & light
Trace oxox

Faerie Sage said...

This is beautiful, fully in the practical magic mood! I loved the Tarot :)
Great stuff, stop by some time at

Penny said...

Wow! I am totally struck speachless
Your practical Magic Party post is beautiful, moody and wonderfully enchanting.
Thank you for sharing you time, talent and love of the movie to provide us with such a great post.

Brightest Blessings,

Wendy said...

Lyn, coming from one who lives and breathes tarot cards, I'm honored you liked my post, thank you :)

Trace, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting..

Faerie Sage, I HAVE been by your blog more than once and thank you for commenting...

Penny, you're really sweet to say such nice things. Comments like yours warm my heart :)

Wishing you all many magickal blessings...


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