Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dancing with Myself during Mercury Retrograde

I'm blaming Mercury for EVERYTHING going wrong in my life  right now! How dare he go retrograde! I just started a new friendship over the internet and the conversations have been full of stormy misunderstandings and confusing awkward conversations.  I sit down to try and post for my blogs and chaotic nonsense pours out. So please forgive me and blame Mercury/Hermes if this post is flying all over the place. 

My computer who normally cooperates with me and is only a year old has frozen up on me so many times, I might as well be blogging in the North Pole...Knock on wood, the bank with it's "sophisticated" computer systems haven't YET pulled any stunts with my bank account. 
 And I'm not the only one out there who is suffering at the sluggishness of Mercury, I'm hearing all types of stories! Sigh...What's a mortal to do?

Oh, you say you don't know what I'm talking about? Mercury? Isn't that a chemical substance? What does "retrograde" mean and why is this effecting people? Well, let me first go for the mythical aspect of Mercury since I love mythology so much. Mercury was originally known as "Hermes" he only became Mercury when the Romans overtook the Greek pantheon and changed all the deities names, (must have been happening during a Mercury Retrograde period.) Hermes/Mercury, is the god of tricksters, thieves, communication, travel and electricity which of course effects computers. So, now to the science aspect of it all, dear T.D.R. (who prefers science over Myth and magic ; )
A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. According to modern science, this traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth with relation to other planets in our solar system. It's a bit like traveling on the road watching another car beside you: when the other car slows down, or you speed up, it looks as though the other car is moving backwards. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this cosmic shadow-play.
Rob Tillett. (2010) Mercury Retrograde: Astrology on the Web. Retrieved September 04, 2010, from

Personally, when it comes to Mercury Retrograde, I don't pay much attention to how the planets are lining up, I'm just trying not to go crazy on this earthly realm. 
All the Greek/Roman deities "ruled or governed" different people according to the date and time they were born, which is mainly how astrology originally came to be based on astronomical movements. Mercury rules Gemini's and Virgo's. 

Now, Mercury Retrograde effects everyone in some form or another, but those of us who have either Gemini or Mercury planets in our astrological charts really have "fun" during this retrograde period. A person's "Sun" sign is what generic astrology is based upon, the typical horoscope you read in the newspaper or magazines. But we have many more planets than just the Sun, that make their presence known when we're born. I won't go into all the planets and their significance now as that would be a book, rather than just a blog post, but maybe I'll do a series on that. 

See? I can't even seem to stay on track posting now which is difficult enough without Mercury being in retrograde. My sun "sign" is Libra, which means usually, I aim for balance, equanimity, fairness, etc...However, my Moon sign which by the way is (about the hidden life inside of us, how we express our feminine aspects and our relationships with our Mother and how that plays out) is in VIRGO. The planet that was "ascending" also known as the "rising" planet on the date and time of my birth is VIRGO, double whammy! Your rising or "ascendant" planet is where your growth occurs in your outer life, it's the "movie preview" of what lays ahead. 

Not to mention that when Mercury Retrograde does his backwards dance he always chooses an astrological sign for a partner. Well, guess what, Mercury Retrograde happens to be dancing with Virgo right now. So, for all of you who have their sun sign in Gemini and Virgo, (or happen to have those planets in big time places of your horoscope chart), well, buckle your seat-belts because this has been a really bumpy road since August 20th and will continue to be until Sept. 12. 

We all feel the retro. shadow a few weeks before the actual retrograde itself and the wonderful effects linger a week or so after he finally decides to fly forward in his winged sandals. We usually have Mercury turn Retrograde three times a year, but in 2010 he turns retro four times a year, lucky us. 

I know for a lot of you this is just too far  to believe and you think I'm too superstitious or kooky and that's o.k. I have friends and family members who are as logical as you can get, dismiss any type of myth and magic and yet when Mercury Retro happens, I always love to hear their stories of mishaps and chaos. Remember, Mercury/Hermes is the God of tricksters, so I take delight in harmless pranks and chaos.

So, what are we mortals to do when Mercury flips us all out or off for that matter? Anything that starts with the letters "RE", which of course relates to REtrograde. This is a time for relaxing, rewinding, rehearsing, reorganizing, releasing and on and on, you get it...You can't fight the gods, so you might as well, not join them, but be in sync with them as much as possible. 

My biggest aim is to relax because I'm already tense and anxious as it is. Oh yeah, and I blogged about Hermes/Mercury being the only god who can visit the underworld and safely come back to the living, well, I call him my Bipolar Messenger as I've also blogged about having Bipolar Disorder II. So you can really imagine my poor friends and family when one minute I'm spinning around them literally or metaphorically like Tigger and then the next minute I'm pulling my Eeyore act. Fortunately, my new friend that I mentioned above is extremely patient and kind with me even though he thinks this whole way of looking at life is a bit loony.

Even I have to laugh at my being bipolar and I guess I can thank Hermes/Mercury for that because believe it or not, there are gifts I receive during the slower times that Eeyore brings as well as the blessings of being able to move forward and dance like Tigger.

So, don't curse yourselves out, or others, if life is throwing you some fast ones. It always helps to light a yellow candle (as the color yellow is associated with Mercury/Hermes) and ask him how to be patient and move with as much grace as possible.

I'm still not letting him off the hook though and he owes me big time!!! 
 Hang in there, we only have a little over a week to go and then life will return to some sort of order until Yule/Christmas time (December 10-December 30). Fa la la la and all that nonsense!

Does or has Mercury Retro. effected you in anyway? And what do you do during the "RE" time?


Alice in Wonderland said...

I'm Cancerian, and I've felt like that all day. I'm just in a strange mood that I can't shake off.
I'm just probably rambling, but I have a friend and her daughter who are both Pisces, and they are both going through a hard time at the moment.
Yeah, and my computer is also playing games too!
I'm ruled by the Moon, and she is half in hiding at the moment, which either makes me happy or very sad for no reason!

Earth Mama said...

Ah... that explains a lot. My husband and I are BOTH Gemini and things have been MAD around here. every single electronic in our house is broken for no apparent reason!

Emme Toaye said...

And I thought it was just me! My computer has been in a non-cooperating mood all day. My knee is out of whack today and had to wear this gosh darn brace which makes my walk awkward so I stumped a toe on something. The glue is sticking on everything but where it should, including my hair.
It's nice to know I'm not alone in my misery not that I would wish this on my most evil of frienemies. I am so looking forward to a Mercury less embellished time soon!

Anonymous said...


I HATE when Mercury plays with things. This time, I honestly thought I had him beat! HA! What was I thinking????? I'll just be glad when he points himself back in the proper direction! I even picked a fight with my recent ex-husband for no apparent reason! Communication, Electronics, REALLY piss me off! I'm nuts enough as it is and then he goes and does this! What's even more "fun" (being sarcastic here) is that his next backwards adventure is in December. My birthday is December 20 and his retrograding self is slap in the middle of my birthday! Life will be interesting to say the least!

Good luck and I truly "feel" your pain!

The Digital Looking Glass

The Depressed Reader said...

Hi Wendy,
Tempted as I am to go all Richard Dawkins, I'll refrain. This is a blog called eWitch, after all, so it would be a little churlish for me to turn up and start complaining about a lack of hard science!

As for the Tigger/Eeyore thing, I see what you're saying. These days I tend to think that we can take something to be grateful for out of everything. This is true regardless of whether we have Tigger-like energy or Eeyore-like lethargy. We just have to look a bit harder sometimes to find the good in some of the rougher times.

Anonymous said...

could not agree with the depressed reader more... sometimes we need to see the good in the bad even if we would rather roll around in our misery... even mercury retrograde has much to teach us... if we continually dwell on all the muck... then all we will see is all of the muck.

Wendy said...

Alice, being a moon child, I know you're very sensitive to the wanes and waxings. I think everyone I know is going through a strange mood, welcome to the club and thanks for commenting :)

Earth Mama, you must have a really interesting and never dull household with two Geminis! Typical retro. when the electricity is on the fritz! Sigh...Keep grounded as you're both geminis, as much as you can that is. I'm also a air sign, so totally get you...

Emme, it's nice to find you're not the only one that's stumbling and muttering curses through this strange time,isn't it? My wishes for you are that you don't stumble too much esp. with a hurt knee, ouch!

Tara, your comment made me laugh. Trying to beat Merc. at his own game? Now that would be an interesting book. I hear you about conflicts and ex.'s sigh...or even new friends for that matter. Get a lot of yellow birthday candles on your cake and maybe Merc. will make life a little smoother? You'll have to let us know.

The Depressed Reader, obviously we both come from a very different place when we think about the cosmo's. Neither of us have the absolute truth as one doesn't exist. I was simply trying to post my experiences during Merc. retro and as you can see from the above comments, I'm not the only one who is stumbling through a Merc. retro. Hope all is going smoothly for you my friend.

Anonymous, you sound like such a positive person, how do you do it? To recognize that our external world outweighs our personal experiences is truly remarkable. Hmmm, you sound so wise....almost above being human.

Thanks for all the comments, for those who experience Mercury's tricks, for those who disagree as well with me. This is what makes the universe so interesting, doesn't it? But during this Merc. Retro. I'll refrain from saying anything that might be misconstrued...

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for the post! Things have been hectic for me recently for no apparent reason. Socially speaking, NOTHING has been going right for me. And I could not figure out why until you posted that.

Thanks for the info, I'll definitely be looking further into this!
XOX Daphnee

luna petunia said...

I always keep an eye open for Mercury Retrograde. My date book keeps up with it. Sometimes the retrograde is worse than others. Forewarned is forearmed!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I am glad that it has not bugged me as much as it has in the past... possibly I have just been to busy to see. Hope your life gets smoother soon. One more week Wendy.

Wendy said...

Daphnee, like Mother Moon said, hang on, it's only another week! Thanks for commenting...

Luna you're smart to note when it comes up otherwise it sneaks up on you.

Mother Moon, I've been busy too, but I've noticed that life seems to force me to slow down when Merc. goes Retro :)


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