Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to be street smart (AND gorgeous..oops! too late) like Rachel Marianna Morgan

 I do not know how many of you read Kim Harrison's, The Hollows series but they  feature a modern, younger witch named Rachel Mariana Morgan, known by Rachel.  She is so talented as witch but also brave, daring & bold. She of course gets in a lot of trouble. What she does for a living is be a detective in her own little firm that includes her room mate Ivy, a living vampire  & a pixie named Jenks who lives in their garden with his with and pixie kids.
She has numerous fairly steamy romances with various & sundry males including vampires & other supernaturals although, like James Bond, if you are the current paramour you may get killed or at least attacked. Everybody seems to want a piece of Rachel. She is not an easy person to date, but she is a very easy person to like.

What I like best about Rachel is that she knows who & what she is. She knows how powerful her magic is & she knows how to use it and she never backs down. I am a never back down person, too but for me, it is purposeless. If someone tells me I cannot or should not do something,  it's the thrown gauntlet. I am the gal who has to touch the paint right by the "Wet Pint" sign.  So I end up doing a lot of stupid, bonehead things. I am like Rachel who is there for her friends: to fight, cast spells or just stand up for them or by them. She is definitely a risk taker(NOT me,chicken little) & will stand up to the wealthy & powerful men(not me either, the coward) that seem to pop up in her life. She is fearless (generally) & wears cool black, leather boots. Ivy helps dress her-she has more money & better taste but also lusts after Rachel so that is a problem, too as Rachel is hetero not even bi. Well I am hetero, too & think I will stick with that in the next life. I really like men.
I cannot go back in time & relive my youth but in my next life, I am going to be a stronger young woman, firmer in my convictions. I want to have convictions when I am young not just drift along my life like a dandelion puff, landing here, there, everywhere. Of course, I was a teen in the late 60's and all that that implies. Drifting was pretty fun back then!
But when I come back things will be different. I will have goals, purpose, pick a great career, be gorgeous & wear black leather boots. Hunh.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

interesting series... will definately have to check it out.... as if I don't have enough books to read. :-)

Moonsanity said...

I love this series and have read all but the last one because I'm waiting for it to be released in paperback. Rachel is an awesome character--flawed but with a good heart. I love her friends too!

CousinLinda said...

I love these books!


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