Monday, October 25, 2010

A Walk with Those Passed

St. James Cemetary - South of Avon
The  year slowly meanders its way to All Hallows Eve many of us have or will take the time to remember those who have passed before us. There are many traditions that some use to honor this time and ritual.  Some set an extra place for those gone before at the table on the eve of October 31st.  Some hold a special time of rememberance and place pictures and other items that resemble their loved ones. 

Myself I enjoy visiting the cemetary.  I have always been amazed at the stories behind each headstone marker. Although I do frequent my family and friends on occasion it is this time of year when I just go visiting.  There have been some over the years that I have grown attached to and wonder about the story behind them.  Jackie Moon and the children that surround her is a good example of this
Higates Cemetary In London

Yet today I am keeping with my love for the beautiful art that can be found as one walks through so many cemetaries.   I would like to share some photos of some of my favorites.  I have not visited each one yet their beauty is amazing.

New Orleans Cemetary

There is a peace that comes to one when they stroll through a cemetary

Bonaventure Cemetary - Savannah GA

I am sure that there are places where a restless soul may reside and the aura may not be as settled as most.

Bonaventure - Savannah GA 

Yet for the most part it is calm and serene.

Albany Rural Cemetary
The love can be seen in many of the monuments that have been placed in honor of those passed.

Bonaventure - Savannah GA
Such detail put into some as if to place a watcher next to their loved one for safe keeping.
Bonaventure - Savannah GA

The children are what move me most

Bonaventure - Savannah GA

So many passed at such tendar ages.

Bonaventure - Savannah GA

This week take a few moments to remember those who have passed before us.  Reflect on the gifts they gave you as well as the ones they still give.  And if you have some free time on a beautiful October day, consider taking a stroll through your nearest cemetary.  You may be surprised what inspiration you might receive. 


Sus said...

I, too, enjoy walking through a cemetary... the stones are fascinating and I always feel so peaceful...

Annabelle said...

Graveyards are just lovely for so many things....

Aelwyn said...

I love cemeteries. They're so peaceful and beautiful! Families used to picnic in them to stay close to their deceased loved ones.

Wendy said...

I also get a feeling of peace and serenity when I visit certain cemetaries. I also collect art of Graveyard Angel's which I love. Beautiful post, Mother Moon.

Angela's Blog said...

I also love cemetaries. The beautiful head stones and sculptures. I love taking peacefull walks through them.

luna petunia said...

Janie, you are such a beautiful writer-very evocative. I like cemetaries, too. Our youngest son, Patterson is named after a long ago relative, Pvt. John Patterson who is buried in the Patterson cemetary, the oldest cemetary west of the Mississippi. Or so my mom told us. Could well be a myth.
luna :>D


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