Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Mourning Moon

Sunday, November 21st
Take some time and enjoy the Full Moon of November.
The Full Moon is currently in Taurus and offers a perfect opportunity for any magic one may want to conjour involving love, property or finances.
The Full Moon also offers an excellent time to plant any flower bulbs that you may be wanting to get into the ground if you haven't already.
For water charged with with the power of the Full Moon, place a jug of fresh spring water out under the light of the full moon.
This is excellent for washing or annointing anything you wish to fill with the magic of the Full Moon


aurorafedora said...

hello mother moon! tonight's full moon will bring me and my family peace of mind in regards to our daughter. she has finally freed herself from a hazardous relationship. out with the bad, in with the good!!
wishing you a blessed full moon...joanne

luna petunia said...

lovely post Janie. The moon was beautiful!


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