Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lessons from Spring & Air

Truth be told, Ostara is one of my less favored Pagan Sabbats.  Our Family Coven does not do much or place a lot of emphasis on it.  We have even managed to let the holiday slip by without even realizing it.

When I look back to the time when I was a Christian, I was never really fond of Easter either.  The pastel colors, baby animals and guilt associated with the death of Jesus for my sins were huge turn-offs.  I went to church on Easter Sunday because I had to, it was expected.

Ostara is a celebration of Spring.  We woke up the Earth from her Winter slumber at Imbolc and now we are watching her open her arms to embrace the returning sun.  It is a time of fertility and new beginnings.  It is a time of hope and love.  It is a time of abundance and action.

I associate Spring with the element of Air.  Air can be a soft caress upon your cheek or it can be the tornado that rips trees up from the ground.  It flows around us all, bringing us life.  When the end comes, the breath leaves us and we go back to the Mother.  If something gets in its way, it just goes around it.  It is the element of communication, knowledge and ideas.

There are several lessons that I have learned from the element of Air and the season of Spring by extension:
  • Take some time to have fun!
  • Laugh, laugh and then laugh some more.
  • If something gets in your way, go around it.
  • Breathe.
  • Nurture your inner child.
    Though Ostara will still probably never be my favorite Sabbat, I understand what we are celebrating.  The great wheel keeps turning, but it cannot continue without the rebirth of the sun and Earth each year.

    What are some lessons that you have learned from Spring and the element of Air?


    Willow said...

    I'm in Grad school for Education. I teach currently, but I'm required to have a Master's degree to keep my job. Thanks for the compliment about the ritual.

    Mother's Moon's Message said...

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend Sparrow. Take a break from the abundance of work you have and enjoy...

    Lynelle said...

    Beautiful post, Sparrow!

    Catpriestess said...

    Sparrow, I think you reflect many of our ambiguity about Easter. Thank you for the breath of fresh air ; )

    Bridgett said...

    Easter never meant a thing to me either, as a practicing Christian.

    But I sure did like the peanut butter eggs. ;)


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