Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Practical Protection – The Bra Barrier

Since my husband’s family is from the “Old Country,” protection magick was one of the first things that I learned.  We try to smudge the negative energies out of the house often and have various wards on the doors and windows.  If they get past those we have a Gorgon bust that serves as house guardian.  I truly feel sorry for anything that attempts to enter into our house uninvited.

Personal protection is also a big thing with them.  I almost always am wearing some sort of charged amulet or talisman.  For times that jewelry is not an option or when I could use a little extra protection I use a bra barrier.

Yes, it sounds a little odd, but the bra is a great place to put protective stones to reinforce your personal barrier.  I usually put one on either side and another one in the center (three total).  Make sure that you are going to be comfortable and that they are not going to fall out or cause you any other distress.

Visualize the power of the stones coming together in front of your heart chakra and branching out to form a protective barrier that extends a few inches from your body.  Be sure to ground and center well after you are done.  Cleanse your stones and charge them again for the next use.

Here is a list of stones that you might be interested in using:
  • Bloodstone – Courage, Abundance, Blood and Menstrual Cycle
  • Carnelian – Courage, Protection and Kidneys
  • Garnet – Protection (During Travel), Intimacy and Spiritual Healing
  • Jet – Protection, Fight Depression and Heal Grief
  • Malachite – Protection, Abundance and Heal Heart Chakra
  • Moonstone – Protection, Love and Menstrual Cycle
  • Obsidian (Black & Snowflake) – Protection and Grounding
  • Onyx – Protection and Grounding
  • Tiger’s Eye – Grounding, Protection and Menopause “Power Surges”

Reference -
Crystal Healing, Metaphysical & Mystical Healing Properties Lore and Stone Meanings of Crystals, Gems, and Stones


Lynelle said...

Absolutely great info, Sparrow! I'm going to find my crystals and try it tomorrow! Would love to see a post at a later date about your tips for house hold protection - I'm a little weak in that dept!

JJ Beazley said...

Er, I think I'll give this one a miss. I'd need more than a couple of stones for personal protection if I took to wearing a bra.

Except to ask: what do you mean by 'the Old Country?'

Mother's Moon's Message said...

interesting concept for charging your stones... I will have to try it as it sounds like a great idea. like Lynelle I would love to hear more about your protection tips.. tis the time of year to renew such things...

Sparrow said...

My husband's family is Polish. His family is from that area.

His great grandmother actually tried to stake a goth girl in the mall once because she thought she was a vampire.

JJ Beazley said...

This might not be entirely relevant, but I'll tell you anyway.

I was watching a Dracula film on the TV once. It was around midnight. My eye was caught by a little shape coming out of the chimney. It was a bat. It flew over to the TV set and rested there. True.

Rue said...

I place stones in my bra all the time. Unfortunately, regardless of the bra, they do sometimes fall out - which can be funny, startling, or horrifying, depending on the situation! Still - it always makes me feel better to have stones on me.

Catpriestess said...

I love that you listed the different stone's energies. I tried to place stone's, amulet's my bra but it kept giving me shivers, so now I just use a medicine bag and wear that when I need extra protection. Thanks for the great info. Sparrow : )

Moonwolf said...

Thanks for the post! I have used this method for years when I have to downplay the jewelry or don't have pockets for a little pouch and needed to be discrete. Nice to know I am not alone! I usually only use one stone though, on the left side, "over my heart".

Bridgett said...

This really is a great idea.
Thanks, Sparrow!


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