Friday, March 5, 2010

My Everyday Magic

Practical everyday magic. I think that many of us perform this far more than we may even realize. How many of you greet the day and give thanks for yet another opportunity to live? How many of you gather flowers from your gardens and bring them into your home as a means to liven up the space. How many of you light a candle for a friend who may be passing through a hard patch in their lives? All are simple every day magic.

Greeting the morning as the sun rises over the horizon is one thing I try to do each day. This is especially true as spring approaches. I love the early morning and the time right before the sun lifts its head to yet another day. The world is still quiet (at least where I live) from sleep. The birds slowly begin their song to wake mother earth and those around. It is a peaceful time and often a time when I commune best with the earth and the energy it can bring.

My garden is truly full of practical everyday magic. From the rosemary that continuously grows in my kitchen window, or the aloe that is close at hand for healing, to the multitude of plants I have in and out of my house their magic is everywhere. Although I still feel myself such a babe in this area I have learned so much in regards to herbs, flowers, and trees and their many uses. A constant in my home are Rosemary for protection and purification, Mint for protection and to attract prosperity and Lavender to bring peace and healing. I use all of them on a consistent basis whether it is in my cooking, when burning incense, or simply to pluck a small piece off and wear throughout the day.

Outdoors the possibilities are endless. Mother earth gives her own gifts to us if we only look. The strength of an Oak can felt simply by carrying an acorn in your pocket. Each fall I gather oak leaves and place them in the house to help clear the negative energy. The wild thistle which has many varieties can be found in abundance. Although I am thought silly for doing so, I love to gather its flowers and place a small vase in my home. It is said they give energy and strength as well as ward off evil from a home. I just love their appearance. There is also the well known wild clover. Another “weed” that can be found in abundance. Most think of the possession of a four leaf clover for luck as the best use for this plant yet there are many others. Clover blossoms combined with vinegar for three days can be used as a protection tincture. Sprinkled around the perimeter of one’s home this is said to discourage unwanted visitors from entering. Carrying clover flowers on your person is also said to not only protect you yet also aid in the finding of new love.

As for candle magic once again I feel this is done far more than many realize. I myself am a true lover of the flame. And because of this I use candles in my home on a daily basis. When I have concern for someone, I light a small white candle and ask that they be blessed. When the concern is more evident and I am able to know exactly what it is they may be in need of, I will light the white candle along with another in the color which represents their need. An example of is: lighting a red candle representing the need for health or strength. Also each time I work in my kitchen preparing food, two candles burn. One is white representing that the food be blessed. The other is colored according to what I may want the emphasis to be. Blue is my favorite as it represents peace and harmony.

I believe that all of us use everyday practical magic much more than we may admit. For it truly is around us everywhere. Magic is the power that comes forth from each one of us when we believe in what we are doing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The best magic is the kind that is just an ordinary part of an ordinary day! Like what you're writing about!

Rue said...

I agree with Debra. When it's easy and springs to mind (and heart) with little effort - it's the best kind, because it's so honest and 'in the moment.' I love this kind of magick!

Catpriestess said...

I continually learn new and beautiful ways to honor life and the Goddess, every time you write. I also share many of the rituals you practice and lavender and Oak resonate with me strongly as well. Thank you so much sharing your gifts of wisdom.

Bridgett said...

I'm big on candle magick as well. In fact, it seems I have a candle lit for somebody just about everyday.

And yes, I am a big herb crazy too. :)


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