Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Books for Pagan Children

There are thousands of books written by and for Pagans about the various Earth-based paths that are available to them.  The great majority of these books are geared towards adults with a few scattered here and there for teens.  What about our Pagan children?

Here are just a few books that I have had the pleasure of promoting at the Pagan Writers Community that are geared towards the newest generation of Pagans.

The Witchlets of Witch’s Brew #1: “Holly the Hasty Witch” by Edain Duguay

Holly is the kind of child that is always in a rush, never stopping to complete a task and often forgetting to fulfil her promises. She is not a selfish child, just one that needs more hours in the day for her daydreaming and her many plans.

That is until Yule, when the biggest promise in the history of mankind is not fulfilled and Holly begins to see why, when she gives her word, it must mean something.

‘Holly the Hasty Witch’, is the short Pagan tale based on the virtue of integrity and is set at Yule in a small, modern day Pagan village.

This eBook is the first in a series of eight and is suitable for ages 8 years and upwards.

The Witchlets of Witch’s Brew #2: “Ash the Solitary Witch” by Edain Duguay

Ash only had one friend, Rufus, her dog. He was loyal, reliable and loved her unconditionally. She had no one her age to celebrate the seasons and festivals with and she began to feel lonely for the first time in her life but hid it from everyone, even herself. Having previously liked being alone, Ash had no idea if other children her age would like her or if she could even make friends.

One day, her world changed forever as her family moved away from the only home she had ever known, to the small Pagan village of Brew.

Would Ash be brave enough to make new friends? Would she find some at Brew’s celebration of the Spring Equinox?

This eBook is the second in a series of eight and is suitable for ages 8 years and upwards.

Pagan Degrees for Children“Pagan Degrees for Children” by Shanddaramon

Many modern Pagans seek growth and spiritual practice through the pursuit and attainment of spiritual degrees. Whether in a group or as a solitary practitioner learning through a degree system can provide a needed structure, clear and distinct goals, and rewards for hard work. Children, too, often enjoy learning by following a clear structure and by getting positive reinforcements but may not be able to effectively and successfully pursue adult degrees.

This book provides a system of learning Pagan and good living concepts just for children and young adults through three main degrees. Children from the ages of 5 – 18 can work on obtaining the Neophyte, Apprentice, and Mage Degrees by meeting specific goals designed for children and by completing the requirements for earning Achievement Awards. The Neophyte Degree is subdivided into several Levels to help give young children small and easily obtainable goals.

Provided with each Degree and Award is a great deal of information and sources for learning and for exploring. All of the Degree, Level, and Award images and certificates are provided in black and white. However, a companion book is available that contains all the designs in full sixes and colors.

Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families“Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families” by Raine Hill

Finally, a children’s workbook designed for Pagan families! Rich, exciting stories to read together and discuss, as well as activities to reinforce lessons in a fun way. Chock-full of puzzles, games, mythology, beautiful illustrations, and Pagan symbols, this workbook teaches about the basic Wiccan belief system. Let this be a family affair, with parents, older siblings, and young children taking part in a “something-for-everyone” Pagan experience. A teaching tool for Pagan families or others who want to teach their children diversity.

What others are saying about “Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families”

“A fun workbook filled with facts and myths to inspire budding young Pagans.” – Christopher Penczak, Author of “Sons of the Goddess” and “The Inner Temple of Witchcraft”

“Raine Hill has written a charming, lucid and magickal work that will be enjoyed by children of all ages; as someone who has taught in schools for many years I can heartily recommend it. Young people will love being read Wicca’s central myths and stories, they will enjoy exploring the basic philosophies and celebratory cycles and will relish the interactive activities. The wonderful art work is similarly engaging and the whole book will be a treasured item on any Pagan family’s bookshelf. I also intend to use it in my school.” – Pino Longchild, Assistant Head teacher Olga Primary School, London, webmaster of www.magickaschool.com, publisher of The Magickal Light Ezine and author of “Wicca Revealed” and “Wicca Advanced”

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard“Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard” by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Here is the book Merlin would have given a young Arthur…if only it had existed. This essential “Boy Scout Handbook” of Wizardry contains everything an aspiring Wizard needs to know. It is illustrated with original art by Oberon and friends, as well as hundreds of woodcuts from medieval manuscripts and alchemical texts- – plus, charts, tables, and diagrams.

The book also contains:
  • Biographies of famous Wizards in history and legend
  • Detailed descriptions of magickal tools and regalia (with full instructions for making them)
  • Spells and workings for a better life
  • Rites and rituals for special occasions
  • A bestiary of mythical creatures; Systems of divination
  • The Laws of Magick; Myths and stories of gods and heroes
  • Lore and legends of the stars and constellations
  • Instructions for performing amazing illusions, special effects, and many other wonders of the magickal multiverse.
By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, with contributions and additional material from Raymond Buckland, Patricia Telesco, Raven Grimassi, Ellen Evert Hopman, Jesse Wolf Hardin, Amber K, Fred Lamond, Abbty Willowroot, Jeff McBride, Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, and other illustrious members of The Grey Council.

What are some of your favorite books for children?


Mother's Moon's Message said...

Sparrow, I love this entry. My granddaugter has recently been biten by the book bug and I think the Witchlet series is something she would just love. Thank you so much for bringing them to my attention... I knew this would be a good idea... :-)

Sparrow said...

Thank you for your support. It was a truly wonderful idea :)

luna petunia said...

Wonderful! I wish had young children to share this information with. What a beautiful article you have written. I am so glad you could squeeze the book reviewing into your busy schedule. I am going to buy the Wizard's Grimoire. It sounds enchanting.

Sparrow said...

The Grimoire is wonderful for both children and adults. Mine looks like it has been through a tornado as we have used it so much.

The Wizardess epi said...

Excellent! I will look forward to these posts. Have you thought about including texts that are more fantasy Pagan, like the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce?

Sparrow said...

Yes, we will definitely be hitting a number of genres.


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