Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sparrow’s Book Talk Tuesdays

Hey all!

Starting this week I am changing the format of my Tuesday posts from now on to talk about something that I am very passionate about – BOOKS!  Watch my posts for book reviews, special author guest blogs, book suggestions and more.  The focus will be on Pagan authors, but I am going to try to have something for everyone.

Feel free to post book and author suggestions in the comments!!



JJ Beazley said...

Don't forget mine if ever it gets published. It isn't overtly pagan, but the leader of the trio is a Celtic Goddess. Will that do?

Why Sparrow? I love sparrows. There were none around when I first came here, but now I have a flock of about a dozen. I love to watch their morning invasion when I take the food out.

Sparrow said...


I would love to promote your book! No matter what genre you write, we like to promote Pagan writers. Head on over to the PWC site (http://www.paganwriters.com) and leave me a note with your contact information.

Not really sure why Sparrow, but I think it came from watching "The Forbidden Kingdom" a few too many times. The word just kept coming up and I finally looked up it's totem meaning. It fit what I was going through at the time so I took it as part of my name, Serephina Sparrow ;)

JJ Beazley said...

Thanks; but to be honest, Sparrow, I have a feeling that the novel will fall too inconveniently between genres to catch a publisher's interest. I'll save the e-mail, though, just in case. One of the fairies in the book is called Serafina.


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