Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ask eWitch!

It's 'Ask eWitch' week here on the blog! New to your path? Have a question about Wicca? About Paganism? About life and general? Need suggestions for setting up your Altar, or a good recipe for honey cakes? Listen, we don't have all the answers, believe me, but we may be able to point you in the right direction! So leave your questions, great and small, in the comments, and someone from eWitch will seek out the answer!


Sherry aka AutumnTurtle said...

I have a small apartment, I have a two teired desk in my bedroom I want to make into an altar, maybe seasonal on top and everyday on the main level, any suggestions would be great. My cats love to eat my plants and flowers so I have to go with pictures I need help to make this a usable area.

Anonymous said...

I have a practice which stretches back for many years. In that time, I feel I have been "adopted" by two deities, Bast and Thoth, but I have never been shown my god-name, or at any rate meditation has never revealed it to me. Have you any recommendations for discovering same?

Mother's Moon's Message said...

Vienne - I know when I first started my journey that I worried alot in regards to what my "given new name" should be. I received all sorts of advice from others, books, and such explaining what I should do to acquire it. Because of the many different ways I was told to go about it, I decided to wait until something came that inspired me. I myself believe that we all possess intuition which if we listen will in time tell us all we need to know. Patience i truly the key to eventually finding the right name you seek or that which is meant for you. blessings.


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