Thursday, June 17, 2010

Replies to Questions

Vintage Witch Fortune Teller 

Hi everyone, I thought that instead of people going through the comments and then looking for the questions and comments we reply too, I would start this post. My eWitch sisters will put their answers in this post as well and we keep going. You can just keep posting comments and we'll respond to this post. I hope that makes sense, sometimes my brain goes faster than my thoughts, or is it the other way around? hmmmm....Anyway, first question

Sherry aka AutumnTurtle said...
I have a small apartment, I have a two teired desk in my bedroom I want to make into an altar, maybe seasonal on top and everyday on the main level, any suggestions would be great. My cats love to eat my plants and flowers so I have to go with pictures I need help to make this a usable area.

Sherry, I have two very mischievous and inquisitive cats myself, so I totally understand what you're asking. First I have different altars around my place, some that aren't accessible to my cats. But I also have a huge altar dedicated to Bastet the Ancient Egyptian Goddess who is a protector of Cats and Women. On this altar, I have a catnip plant and one of those little pots of cat greens they love to chew on. I ask Bastet For her protection for my cats every day. I have other unbreakable small cat figurines and actually some of Bella and Sele's toys. Maybe you might want to create one altar for them and yourself this way. 
"People that hate cats will come back as rats in their next life." ~Anonymous~

Vienne said...
I have a practice which stretches back for many years. In that time, I feel I have been "adopted" by two deities, Bast and Thoth but I have never been shown my god-name, or at any rate meditation has never revealed it to me. Have you any recommendations for discovering same?
Vienne, are you asking about a magickal name you use for your spiritual path or are you asking about which specific deity has "adopted" you. When I get a little more information from you, I can try and help you with what you want to know. As far as Bast and Thoth being two of your "patrons/parents", wow! You couldn't have asked for amazing deities to adopt you. Esp. Bast, who has also "adopted" me, I really like your choice of how you connect with them : ) "People that hate cats will come back as rats in their next life." ~Anonymous~ Wendy


mxtodis123 said...

It's probably me...been a really busy day here...but I am kind of lost. Sorry!!!

City Wiccan said...

Suggestion: If you don't want your cats to eat the plants. Get it a little wet and then put some cayenne pepper on it. I know it sounds mean but after one taste, they won't go back.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

City Wiccan - I have tried the cayenne pepper and it does work. I will admit they do not like it much though...


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