Saturday, June 19, 2010

Godess & God given names

I think we all hope that we will receive a special name from the goddess or god  and sooner rather than later. And it is a special moment when it happens. I certainly tried to push it & contrived to use one name or another but they weren't mine & I knew it. When the lady gave me mine I was sitting in bed doodling and making sigils &just like that, the name just popped into my head & I knew that I had been given my name. It is a pretty, two syllable name that only she & I know, oh & the god, too. I had meditated & burned incense & asked & probably whined a bit, too but when I wasn't really even thinking about it, bingo! I had my  name. It also has absolutely nothing to do with my magic or the spells I do or the gods & goddess' I worship, either. It is not even a name I would have picked, but that's okay because I wasn't supposed to pick it myself anyway. It was a gift from my goddess & god.  It will happen to you, too. The goddess & god are probably waiting for just the right one that suits you & only you.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right -- our spiritual name reveals itself to us. We do not pick it.

Not Hannah said...

I struggle with the concept of a spiritual name, but I liked this post. It gives me much to think on.


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