Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Discussion Question: Favorite Book Formats

What is your favorite format for the books you read?  Hardback, paperback, ebook, audio book?

I recently started moving my fiction over to the ebook format, since they have a higher turnover rate in my collection and I am impatient with waiting to purchase the next ones in a series.  With my metaphysical library, which currently consists of 3 shelves, I like to have them easily available for reference.

Two of my hobbies are collecting hardback books of series that I love and collecting signed editions.  I have  half the books in Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series and three of the Harry Potter books.  Need to complete those collections.  The crown jewel in my collection is a hardback and signed copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Archeron."

Comment and share with us your favorite book formats!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I used to not worry much about this yet as the number of my books grow and they become more special to me, I have grown to love a good hardback, first edition if possible. I also love used books in good condition... could spend days browsing through used book stores in search of a treasure.

The Depressed Reader said...

I think am too old fashioned to ever change over to ebooks, and while I have listened to a couple of audiobooks, I don't think my future lies there either.

I prefer softcover to hardcover. But regardless of the cover, there is something about the feel and smell of a real book that is really special, and wherever I am I always have a stack of books close by. I like reading them. But I really love having them around, countless little worlds that I can duck into if I so choose.

~Onreeone~ said...

I have been known to buy a book in paperback and then if I really like it to buy it in hardback and give the paperback to someone else I think may enjoy it. A lot of my friends are avid readers as I.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm a curmudgeon who hasn't made the switch to ebooks or even audio books yet.

Sparrow said...

I just can't do audio books because I tune them out. My parents, on the other hand, love them because they can listen while driving!

CousinLinda said...

Every audio book I have ever listened to has put me to sleep. Not sure why. I'll read e-books for convenience in travel, but my true love is for the actual PRINTED word--hardback or paperback, I love holding it in my hands and feeling the texture of the paper as I turn the page.

Moon Daughter said...

Oh, I have to agree. Printed word all the way. I don't have a hardcover/paperback preference... but when you read you HAVE to be able to hold and turn pages, and smell the print. My husband and I have had this debate many times, and I just don't see printing going out of style.

PhoenixWitch said...

I love my ebooks. My sony reader is much lighter than any hardcovers, I can hold it with one hand and still turn the pages and I get the latest books the minute they are released, While still in my pjs!
I love being able to travel with as many books and being able to pick my books to suit my mood and situation. Windy, rainy night at home: time for a spine tingling page turner, afternoon at the salon: that calls for a great chick lit novel.
Having worked in a bookstore, I have also seen a great dis-service being done to those who read Large Print books. The section is always so small and it often takes months after a release date for a book to turn up in Large Print. With an ereader - any book can be large print!

I understand the desire to feel a book in your hands and feel the paper, but when it comes to readers with a high turnover rate, why fill your shelves with books that you only enjoyed for an afternoon? This is a colossal waste of paper and space. If you NEED to have a "real" book to make your experience complete, try the library - always an environmentally friendly option.

TD said...

I love hardback books. They always seen more 'special' somehow. Unfortunately, I'm such a gluttonus reader, that I have to limit myself to paperback so I can afford to feed my habit regularly! :o)

Sydnii said...

Hardback or paperback are my preferred. Though, if its going to be a lengthy series (such as Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - 14 books, oh my!) I make sure to get all paperbacks (less expensive, and they match).

I've also discovered a love for audiobooks, since I'm in college about 3.5 hours away from my parents house. They're good for the car, ya know?

I don't think I could ever do the ebooks, though. My eyes are bad enough, tyvm. lol


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