Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reflective Mumblings....

The dog days of summer are definately upon us... well at least for us here in Oklahoma.  With tempertures well into the 100's and the heat index drastically high, making any constructive time to go outdoors and work in the garden has been close to impossible.  I have managed to venture outdoors early in the morning before the sun has peeked itself over the horizon.  The faint light from another day is such a peaceful time.   I love to simply sit and listen to the world around me as it slowly starts to awaken. 

Underneath the old elm where shade seems to find itself for a majority of the day, I have made an extra effort to see that ample water is showered.  This gives a cool retreat to those who seek such things as the sun begins its climb high in the sky.  My cats Sunny and Sweetie relax often in the moist earth during the warmer hours of the day in the afternoon.  The birds also enjoy the  escape. 

I find myself longing for the cooler days of fall.  I know that it is fast approaching and will soon be upon us.  Another year is coming to a close and I can not help but reflect back over the many things that have transpired during this time.  Reflecting and pondering on those things that have occurred.  What travels through your mind as you come to the closing of this year.  What lessons have you learned and what blessings have come your way?


luna petunia said...

Wonderful post. Isn't it easy to forget our blessings and focus on our problems, such as they are. I need to remind myself how many wonderful things the goddess has showered upon me. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

A little perspective always helps, thanks!


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