Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The (Un)Importance of being too Busy

I have been slow to post. Well actually I RARELY post, but I have recommitted to eWitch & PROMISE to post at least once a week. A common theme amongst us all is that we are really, really busy & I started to wonder what that really means. We all have a goddess given 24 hour day. How we chose to spend that is up to each one of us. I have a small web-based, wiccan supply shop & that really keeps me hopping. It is my only job but is not our primary means of support. So, I have chosen to be busy.  I am happy with the choice most of the time but suddenly I will feel overwhelmed with too much to do & not enough time. Then I fly around & bottles break, oils spill & I am swearing up a blue streak & I realize that I am too busy. It is time to slow down or better still, close up shop for the day & putz around the house. My husband can tell when I am over the top because he says I get a frantic look. And that is how it feels. Frantic, unhappy, tired & cranky. I read somewhere that the way to slow down your life is to walk more slowly. Sometimes I find myself power-walking from the car to Target or Kroger's. I am almost panting with the  pace. I stop, I slow down & wonder why in the world I am racing to get inside a store. I think it is a habit. Zoom, zoom. Stay busy, accomplish, check off the to-do list, zoom some more. We race to achieve, to be recognized, to get "important" things done because we are very important people with very important things to do. Huh. We are also racing to high blood pressure & heart attacks, stress & anxiety & jaw-clenching sleep.  In ten years, heck ten days, what we did today will probably not matter or be remembered. So. Why don't we all slow down a bit. The important things tend to get done & the rest won't matter. Let's all walk more slowly & enjoy our lives more.


Moonwillow said...

I find the latter part of your post to be poignant. I used to zoom around work like a crusader. It got me nothing but grief and trouble. The problem was, no one ever so the importance in me hurrying around except me. Now I take it easy and roll with the punches. I've also learned to enjoy silence. It is truly liberating.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I love the concept of walking more slowly. And honestly it does make sense. It is sometimes as if we get so charged with what we feel must be done that we race through life ignoring or at times not even seeing the things that are placed there to actually bless us and help us to continue.
I think we have all had a little hurriedness in our lives as of late... It is so good to have your wise words back with us Luna.


TD said...

So true, and so well said! Thank you for sharing.


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